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you wanna get paid in-app purchases for free! Apart from the usual tweaks, Intelliborn is famous for its Intelliscrren X, MyWi, My3G, and IntelliID. The repository can be added by entering Cydia/APT URL: http repo. IHacks An amalgam of a xSellize source and SiNful iPhone source, iHacks provides almost every applications and mod available for your Jailbroken device. They can add new wallpapers and ringtones or give their entire device a new theme, all the way through. Images : AppStore Cydia, because of this, and because of the way that Apple restricts what you can and cant do on your iOS device, shortly after the first ever iPhone was released in 2007, the first jailbreak made its appearance. . There are a few that are only for those devices with the Touch ID sensor and the A7 processor as well. Say hello to all the cracked apps in iHackstore and customize your device.

If you havent yet jailbroken your iOS device, read on for a full step by step guide on how to. If you are still on iOS.1.3, you can follow the guide here to successfully jailbreak your device using P0sixpwn. The 4 Best Cydia Hacks to Get Free in-app Purchases. Not only do they get access to Cydia and whole host of new apps to choose from, the can still use the official store as well. PwnCenter Apps are not the specialty of PwnCenter. Best Cracked Cydia Sources / Repos 2o18. IAP Cracker : This is most popular and working solution at the moment. A unique touch can be given to the sound of your device by the amazing stuff available in PwnCenter.