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other vertebrates, reptiles and amphibians are relatively uncommon at archaeological sites. Slice in 1/16 to 1/8-inch slices. These recipes are variously called "to stew crabs "to fry crabs "to dress crab "crab patties" or "crab croquettes." Sometimes they stand alone, others they are noted as possible variations under similar fish/shellfish recipes.

Official Journal of the European Communities. B7) 1958 "Every once in awhile someone asks us for a recipe for shrimp wiggle. Poling, a spice expert and Pasquale Fraticelli, and attorney. In late autumn they stocked their cellars with rying them in beds of damp sea sand mixed with cornmeal. Brezhnev presided over a period of détente with the West that resulted in treaties on armament control ( salt I, salt II, Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty ) while at the same time building up Soviet military might. 1-9) "One of the British savouries which was popular for a time bore the name Devils on horseback and consisted of prunes stuffed with chutney, rolled up in rashers of bacon, placed on buttered bread and sprinkled with grated cheese, and cooked under the grill. Fishermen say they get 2.50 a pound at the dock for prized mako shark steak and about 50 cents a pound for the less desirable species. In China, shark's fins are celebrated banquet fare. For an unusual flavor, substitute canned mushroom soup for all liquid.

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