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and import. 2 places for a break up: Escape Theme Park. For someone looking for a life partner; gay or straight just take it easy. In a sense, this mixture of external blame and awareness of my own priorities, which clearly privilege my success at my job over finding the one, although almost everyone I know in Penang is in a relationship. I think if any person is boring for the next 5 min, he/she will be staring at the back end of a phone. Your Advice : As above 2 places to impress your date : To the beach. Your 2 sens on dating in Penang: Its like looking for the holy grail, does it exist? So very tiring if you ask. Probably discuss things at Starbucks in Straits Quay or Starbucks drive thru Tanjung Tokong both, the outside bits. I explain, I see my staff and when they meet a local girl the short term aim is always marriage and variably in 12 months either they have to get married or move seems marriage is the ultimate reward!

2 places where you would pop the question: Habitat at Sunset is oh so romantic. Bring a sarong, a nice bottle wine and a good mood. But I Love My Closet (Early 40s) I am a (Man Interested in (Man), I am (Attached) Your 2 sens on dating in Penang: Local Gay men in Penang are quite reserved because most of them stay with their parents and since they are. What I would say to a gay and straight person is to attend events and social gatherings that are true to them. 2 places where you would pop the question: For a proposal, it would probably be done privately, in a room at Rasa Sayang Hotel or E O Hotel. I am in a committed relationship. If not, move. On this island you are never lonely.

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Its your base for all the grumbles and scoffs and resigned Tequila shots at familiar or new bars that have popped. (to find out more about Philip, and the images borrowed here, scroll to end of page). It took almost 3 weeks to coax and hassle the answers out of them. Sorry its not that funny ( change anything you think sounds better lol xxx) 2 places where you would pop the question: A proposal on the beach or the Monkey Tree Thai restaurant at the spice garden just as the sun goes down over the. If I did, maybe up Penang Hill at The Habitat as we are experiencing a sunset walk or at The Canteen at China House during a gig. Easy place to get lost in after. Another place Id take them to is drinks at Rasa Sayang to watch the sunset or BBB at ThirtyTwo Mansion. If that fails, theres always the drinks, atmosphere and of course the cakes. Ill end the night at The Canteen at China House for music and some drinks.

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