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talked only to Bill Harvey but in the light of rny prior knowledge of Special Group/mongoose/Lansdale/voice level, etc., it is my clear opinion that this whole problem is centered around jurisdictional bureaucracy not unlike the tangle I had with Gilpatric and the Air. President, Westinghouse International Krock, Arthur Columnist, The New York Times Lansdale, Edward., Brig. Would make such statements concerning a condition of war as is necessary to meet the legal requirements of such a blockade, but a formal "declaration of war against Cuba" would be avoided if possible and resorted to only if absolutely necessary.

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NSC Meeting 5:00.m. General Carter presented a CIA proposal for a single high-level flight designed specifically to photograph the Banes area, where earlier photography had not been conclusive, and generally to search for SAM sites in those areas of central and eastern Cuba that had not been covered. I immediately authorised the dissemination of this information. (2) Neither you nor your principal policy advisers were provided at appropriate intervals with meaningful, cumulative. Taylor reported eight attack aircraft are maintained in hot alert and can destroy SAM sites within two hours or approximately the time that the U-2 would get back if the attack on it failed. Secretary of Defense indicated he did not wish this operation considered until the results were obtained from CIA reconnaissance as approved on September 11th. He said mat ha had been thinking about courses of action and that he had a number of comments to make, along the following lines:. Cable, 13 September 1962 (Excerpt). Usaf Commander in Chief, Tactical Air Command Taylor, Maxwell., Gen. Many of the missile erectors had been removed and are no longer visible.