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a rival zoosk dating site kanssa rekisteröidy nopeasti to Uber, offering fixed-price rides in central Manhattan, advance booking and a few other features to entice City riders. Grade Pending Use with: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Grade Pending is similar to the NYC Health Ratings app in that it provides graded restaurant results for users, but this app takes it a step further, showing eateries on a map with color-coded dots that reveal. Note: it even includes a feature that highlights clean public restrooms.

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Thanks for stopping by! Yelp Use with: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Windows Phone This app allows users to search for nearby restaurants, bars, businesses and stores and also provides photos andas you'd expectplenty of opinionated user reviews of venues. CabSense NYC, use with: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. UrbanWonderer Audio Tours Use with: Android and iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Uncover new finds on themed City routes with UrbanWonderer Audio Tours. This free iPhone app offers GPS-driven, self-guided sightseeing tours for first-time visitors and business travelers, as well as native New Yorkers. Users can find information on artists and individual pieces, browse photos, take neighborhood tours and listen to podcasts featuring artists, architects, historians and curators. This app allows users to organize everything from hotel and restaurant reservations to flights, meetings and even museum trips. Its totally unexpected at such an odd hour and slowly drains away the time that you could be out doing something fun. Ok, lets be serious. Of course, the MTA puts notices around subway stations but to really plan ahead of time and avoid interruptions in the subway, I like to pull up the. Theres even detailed information for restaurants including walking directions, phone numbers and weekly inspection result updates for the app.

This can save minutes on your commute so youre not stuck walking the whole length of the subway station out, which can sometimes be a whole city block or two underground! Use these apps to browse some of the City's finest restaurants, find reviews by critics and locals and more. Users can view a timeline of that days events or take a walking tour of the area around the World Trade Center, accompanied by audiovisual narration and first-hand reports by first responders, rescue workers, volunteers and others. So I like to pull out my Google Maps and let them politely know of a less congested way to take. The app also includes an augmented reality mode, which overlays images taken by survivors and witnesses on your phones camera view. Get 5 off your first Uber ride here. This app is also integrated with FourSquare, so you can easily check in and share restaurant ratings with friends.