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really putting in a whole lot of work. I became a skilled third wheel with my Philly-based couple friends, allowing them to revel in their own domestic bliss over wine and gourmet burgers at least once a week. The one time I tried, chemistry it told me I had no matches. Will my story end happily ever after? Or this dude, who wants everyone in the dating scene in Philadelphia to know that he is into semi extreme shit, as opposed to entirely extreme shit. Did he think that I didnt understand that from the not one, but TWO photos of him smoking a blunt? Should I tell him what the life expectancy is, or nah? Exhibit A: This guy, who wants all women on Bumble to know that there are 7 billion people on this planet. And this one is my personal favorite: Worrying is like a rocking chair it gives you something to do but you dont get anywhere.

Peace and love always. Like half-caf espresso extreme? I joined eHarmony, certain that there was someone better suited as it was the serious dating site for marriage and monogamy. When I stopped seeing this political consultant he told me I should realize men just want to date young hot blondes. Its a myth and it should remain one. Actually sir, I disagree with you on most, nay, all fronts. And though this guy was also shirtless, I do appreciate the will write for food hustle and generally less creepy profile. Perhaps its time to be bi-coastal Cass soon, just like Ive always wanted.

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