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on the following links to see additional view pictures of this flask: base view. Based on the makers marking on base, this machine-made liquor flask was manufactured in 1956 by the Owens-Illinois Glass Company. . As early as 1920 (beginning of Prohibition) and continuing well after its repeal in 1933, machine-made Dandy flasks began to be produced with external screw thread finishes, like shown in the picture just above to the right (IGCo. First, though, there was a meeting with Jenenne Stanley, then a 44-year-old registered nurse who performed rape-kit exams for the hospital as part of her duty in the emergency room. It also tapers noticeably from the shoulder to the heel. .

These type of union oval flasks (many have unembossed bases) date from the 1861 patent date for this stopper/finish into the 1870s. Gay Cruising in the USA, every city has its own hotspots for gay cruising and gay male hookups. He landed in Berkeley for the 1999 football season.

Oregon State running back Jason Dandridge was 20 when he was identified as a suspect. The keystone on the side and on the base may indicate production by a Pennsylvanian glassworks (or not). . These flasks were covered in the figured flasks section earlier on this page. For more views of this flask click on the following links: base view showing. The Baltimore Oval is similar to the next covered flask (Dandy) except more rectangular in cross-section with distinctly flattened sides. . Cutter / extra / trade / (shield) / mark / OLD bourbon and was most likely made out West by the San Francisco Pacific Glass Works in the 1870s (Wilson Wilson 1968; Thomas 2002). . The history of this glassmaker discussed at length useimmat legit ilmainen kytkennät sivusto in an article entitled ". It dates during the era of popularity for these flasks just before Prohibition,.e., (Thomas 1998a). . Additional images/information on picnic style flasks:. These type flasks were called the "book shape" by Canadian bottle makers (Stevens 1979). It's heritage is indicated by the brighter green color and the somewhat more circular shape of the bottle body. .

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