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that costs a buck a month to belong. The day-to-day life of a first-termer assigned to the operations area turned out to be far from ideal but it sure beat field stripping a M16 or trying to get some sleep by counting RPG detonations instead of sheep. At that time I was about two weeks from leaving Goodfellow. Keep a smile on your face. Here is a long forgotten item I found in my Air Force personnel records file.

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paras dating site indianapolis

After the third cycle, you will fall into the routine; then you will only know what day of the cycle. The base is quite pretty; hence the name: Showcase of Europe. Welcome to the Showcase of the usafss in Europe, RAF Chicksands.

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You will be oasis vapaa dating site working shift work, four swings, one day break, four mids, four days, and then the best part of the cycle three days of break. There is an intramural and varsity program here. Lets face it the life at Chicksands isnt going to be all that great; no matter what they told you at your briefing. I have been chosen to be your sponsor for your stay here and will try to acquaint you with the base, its activities and the surrounding area. You will be living two to a room which is great as it beats open bay living which I had at Goodfellow. They have a wide range of entertainment ranging from dancing, floor shows to strip shows. The barrack life isnt too bad and then again, it isnt too good. I got here in August and I am still seeing the shows that were shown at Goodfellow in February and March. The athletic program is quite good. There is an eight lane bowling alley on base which is always in use.